DESSA - producer of rubber
and polyurethane rollers,
roller recovering

 DESSA - producer of rubber and polyurethane rollers

"DESSA" Ltd (Ukraine, Odessa) is specialized on recovering and making of new rubber and polyurethane rollers for different application (length of rollers up to 7.0m, diameter up to 2.0m, weight up to 10t) since 1998. Introduction of modern technologies and usage of more than 150 types of high-quality elastomer covers from Europe allow us to choose the exactly that type of coverage, which possesses the best operating properties for the rollers of any application.


Basic directions activity of company:


  • Recovering of rollers for printing and industrial equipment length to 7.0m using rubber compounds and polyurethanes

  • sale of new rollers from storage, "exchange fund" of rollers of the most widespread printing machines from storage (with rubber and rilsans coverage)

  • production of original rollers under ordering with rubber and polyurethane coverage

  • making of metallic rollers length to 7.0м of any complication with the high class of exactness

  • substituting of copper coverage to polyurethane of grindings rollers on printing equipment

  • making of details of the different applications using of durable polyurethanes and rubbers (wheels of light carts and loaders; rollers, chamfers of conveyers of different types; details of rolgans, cyclones, mills; shock absorbers, pillows, plates, elastic muffs, cuffs, duster et cetera)

  • trading of adhesives for agglutination of rubber mixtures with metallic surfaces


  • To look a video about the company (September 2010)

  • April 2009 - launch of the extruder 7m, 10t, for the production of paper rolls (to look)

  • a branch is opened in Lvov! (to look)

  • renewal, making, sale of the new from storage damperning chrome-plated rollers to 5m length

  • services in balancing of rollers length to 3м, weighing to 150kg (in plan up tp 1.5 tones) on turns to 20000 r/min

  • cutting of lines of note-printing equipment (longitudinal, transversal, under a corner, spacing of the field), laser engraving of cage and any picture

  • Computer - controlled grinding of rollers up to 800 mm diameter and 7 m length

  • rubber sleeve recovering

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